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Winter 2009 †††2060 W. 10th Ave #105, Broomfield, Colorado

Volume 15 Issue 1

Text Box: either cold, nor rain, nor sleet nor snow shall keep me from writing this yearís Christmas letter. Itís been a tumultuous year for the planet as well as me personally. What stands out are the new connections made as well as the old ones I renewed, reconnecting with myself, with Life, and making new connections with so many people around the globe this year.
In January, the American people got to connect to their first black president. Ted Kennedy reconnected with his brothers, while Michael Jackson fans connected worldwide for a tribute to his final ďThrillerĒ. The global economic crisis while devastating to millions of people, also enabled many to reconnect to whatís truly important, beyond material wealth. A plethora of unnatural disasters, ranging from floods in Philippines, wildfires in California, to unusually severe weather such as snow storms in Spain canít but force us to realize we are loosing our connection to our Mother Earth. 
2009 also brought many miracles including an amazing emergency plane landing in the Hudson River,  a revolt by the people of Iran to rigged elections, a lack of major swine flu epidemic outbreak, and the possibility of true reform for millions of families struggling to get affordable access to even minimal healthcare.

I started 2009 already 6 month unemployed, and by February Polly and I had a falling out, seemingly over a new dog (a 3-year old American Eskimo named Champion). By Feb/March, Champ and  I moved into my own apartment. While itís always sad to end a connection, I was very surprised to discover how much I had compromised my Self in the name of the relationship. Text Box: Reconnecting to my friends, my More To Life work, and my massage, it became clear that it really was about reconnecting to my true Self; I felt relieved. After the move, despite lack of job or relationship, Iíve never felt happier in my life; go figure!

While contemplating the lack of progress in job search, I resolved to concentrate on what I had an abundance of, instead of shortage of job, money and relationship, namely an abundance of my time and my love. I decided to participate in as many More To Life (MTL) communities and events as I could, and I ended up playing on team (volunteering) at 4 MTL trainings in Minneapolis, Houston & California, and a week-long Way of A Warrior (WOW) residential course in the beautiful Cohutta Springs resort in Georgia over the summer. By offering massages, I was able to finance my trips, and was the team masseur for three WOW trainers.

In May I was offered a 6-month contract working in Kansas City, about 9 hour drive from Colorado. I relocated there with a car load of belongings and Champ. While in Kansas, I connected with many new friends at work, as well as through


And if there was not enough evidence of abundance in my life, WHILE I was working on my contract in Kansas, I was contacted for a full-time job, (working from home!) by a large company called EMC who, ironically, had found my resume on my own web site by Googling! After several phone interviews and a lot of negotiation, I was offered a full-time job, working from home, with a 20% salary increase over my previous job ! I cut my contract short in Kansas, helped find a replacement and train him, before I went home to Colorado.



While at WOW I met and got to know many students from England, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, Knoxville, Huntsville, Houston, Northern California, Minneapolis.What always amazes me is how deep these connections become in just seven days. In April I reconnected to my step-daughter Ellen by attending her wedding, and in October (in between ending my Kansas tour and starting my new job from home), I spent a very short six days in Holland celebrating my parentsí 63rd wedding anniversary and my momís 87th birthday, reconnecting with my family. The Pelt family is quite large, and we ended up taking over half of the restaurant that night. When another group was starting to sing Happy Birthday, we ended up singing along just for the fun of it (to the surprise of the other group Iím sure).



Whether itís connecting with a pet, or family, with new friends or old, with a good book or a great movie, with nature or Life itself, or even just reconnecting with my true Self, it is all about getting that we are all truly & deeply connected to the great wonders of the web of Life. May 2010 provide you many opportunities to experience your connections!

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Champ connecting with his inner-(s)Elf.