Helping others realize their vision.
"Teach only Love,
 For that is what you are."

from A Course In Miracles

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Our Deepest Fear
Mastery while unemployed
All Love Is Conditional
Way of Enlightened Being
Stop scratching your wounds
Vive la Difference

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An invitation to all my friends to celebrate the start of my 55th year on the planet. See more...
Posted Sept 21, 2010

I Refuse To Believe

I REFUSE TO BELIEVE in a God that would put me on a planet without everything that I need to be happy; for that would make for a cruel God, not a loving one. And so, if I dont see the abundance in my life, its not because its not there, but because I am blind to it. All that is required of me is to open my eyes, and awaken to it.
Posted July 5, 2010

Our Deepest Fear

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
more... Posted July 5, 2010

Mastery while unemployed

In February 2009 I was already unemployed for 6 months and moved out of my girlfriends house in Colorado after a 6-year off-and-on relationship. Not exactly a great start for the year. And yet, it turned out that Ive never been happier in my life than during the ensuing months. more... Posted May 24, 2010

All Love Is Conditional...

One of the behaviors I've noticed of myself more and more, over the last few years since taking the Life Training, is how I tend to deflect compliments and acknowledgments. I've never been able to "figure out" what that was all about until I took the Power of Love course recently. more... Posted April 14, 2010

2009 Christmas Newsletter

Neither cold, nor rain, nor sleet nor snow shall keep me from writing this years Christmas letter. Its been a tumultuous year for the planet as well as me personally. What stands out are the new connections made as well as the old ones I renewed, reconnecting with myself, with Life, and making new connections with so many people around the globe this year. more...
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The ability to be happy often escapes many of us. Find out why, and how to become masterful. more...


How a confused group of health care reform protesters got exposed by a heretic. more...

The way of EnLightened being

I commit:

  • To support all beings in achieving enlightenment:
    living in alignment with these truths.

  • To extinguish all desires counter to achieving enlightenment.

  • To learn all lessons that life offers in alignment with these truths.

  • To strive for full personal enlightenment living these truths. more...


Mastery is the ability to be happy regardless of circumstances. Find out how this is possible by reading more...

The value of unemployment

On July 10th, 2008 I was told that I would be laid from my company. I am very grateful that I was given 2 months notice, as well as a severance package worth the equivalent of 3 months' pay. This brings me to the irony that I only worked 7 months this past year, but was paid and had benefits for almost the entire year.

and my own

There is probably nothing worse for me, than seeing others suffering and not being able to do anything about it. In that witnessing and inability lies my own suffering. It may be the fate of all Bodhisatvas to be able to keep our minds clear enough to see what we can and cannot change, where we can and cannot help reduce suffering, and how we are or are not limited by our own human limitations.

Vive La Difference !
2007 CHristmas Newsletter

If there is anything that stands out for my life in 2007, it has to be how my relationship with Polly has developed and flourished this past year. And what has most amazed me, its how rich our lives have become because of our differences.more...
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What's Up

For years starting in 1989 I wrote an inspirational Christmas letter, until the year 2001. I used to mail it out to about 150 people, family, friends, acquaintances, many of whom kept the messages on refrigerator doors, or passed them on for their inspirational value. I loved writing them.

After 9/11 I thought that God had left the planet, and that no amount of inspiration would ever bring her back.

Last year in 2004, I finally wrote another Christmas letter, but did not have the courage to send it out. And this year, almost the same thing happened, and it dawned on me, that it is I who lost my inspiration to send out the message.

I want to create and re-create what that message was all about for me, for others, for the world. My talents are God's gift to me, what I do with them is my gift back. I firmly believe that we are here, all of us, to create heaven on earth.

Click here for this year's letter, from my heart. I hope you will enjoy it, and that it will inspire you, to do all you can in 2006. You all have inspired me, to do all I can.

Love always.

Take Time to Learn

In our busy lives, the last thing anyone wants to do is waste time. We want instant gratification. Having to learn something new usually takes time, time we don't think we have; time that we believe takes away from getting to our goals.

An Obstacle
When we view learning as an obstacle in the way of our obtaining what we desire, we become impatient. Learning in that case becomes a painful reminder about how little we know, how inadequate we really are to face the daily tasks. So we throw away the manuals, the instruction booklets, the help files, the classrooms, the teachers, the schools.

A Means
When we view learning not as an obstacle but as a means to get us the knowledge, the information, the skills, the wisdom to live our lives more fully, we start valuing those manuals, teachers, schools.

An Experience
Finally when we start viewing learning neither as an obstacle nor as a means, but rather as a rewarding experience in and of itself, as a testimonial to our evolution as a species, and as a hope for our future, no matter what life may bring us, we can feel blessed and in awe at the infinite capacity for learning that was given us.

That's when we can get to a place of gratitude for the incredible learning machine gifted to each of us, and the amazing number of opportunities provided us to use it.

Satisfying his yearning for learning is possibly man's greatest need today.


A little known fact about the Boulder, Colorado area is that we get an average of 300 days of sun per year, a far cry from the 300 days of cloudy overcast weather my native Holland gets !

Thought for today
Be the change you wish to see in the world.     - Gandhi

It is so easy to lament the state of our lives, or the world. We constantly tell ourselves: "If only circumstances were different, then life would be perfect and we all would be happy."

But true change starts within. All the great masters and teachers have taught us that throughout the ages.

Let us return the world to love, one person at a time, beginning with me.           - Marrrek

My Vision
To be a force for good,
to leave this world better than I found it,
to do all that I can,
with what I have,
in the time I have,
in the place I am.
 - Marrrek

I want to inspire and motivate others to do the same, to create heaven on earth, together.